These Leftovers Are Delicious…

I’ll have a feature on Southern Maryland’s Jason Lane and Ryan Speier in the Democrat on Thursday — specifically focusing on their time in the World Series in 2005 and 2007, respectively — but check out these quotes that won’t make the paper…



“I got released by the Marlins on the first of June. I made some calls, and talked to Joe Klein and he put my name out. Butch Hobson was the first guy to call me.”

“Any time you don’t know the guys you’re facing, it takes a little while to get a feel for how they throw and how they work you. That’s just part of the game anywhere you’re at, you’ve got to make adjustments and you’re not always going to know the guys you’re facing. It definitely helps if you’ve faced them once or twice before in your career, where you can see what they have and how they work you. But at the same time, you’ve just got to be able to make adjustments on the fly.”

“It’s a little tough (being w/4 diff. org in past 3 yrs), it’s frustrating. Especially being with the Astros for so long, leaving them for the first time was tough. But after that, you just try to find a good fit and a place where you’re wanted and do the best you can. It’s been a little tough for me, but I’m still working at it. I still feel good. I just want to get back to the big leagues.”

“I had a great chance to make the team out of spring training with the Blue Jays, so the same thing happened the next year. Those are tough blows, especially when you feel like you can help a team at the big league level. It’s a matter of getting in the right situation at the right time and be playing well. It just hasn’t worked out for me for the past couple of years.”

“It’s good to see some of those guys that I played with (in Scranton) help them win a World Series last year.”

“Just the intensity of those (WS) games, it’s amazing. It’s an unbelievable atmosphere, and it was a lot of fun to be able to be a part of that.”

“Once you’ve played at that level and played in the playoffs and in the World Series, it’s the only place to be. Once you’ve experienced that, all you want to do is get back.”

“At some point (I’d consider pitching again)…I pitched my whole life through college and pitched a couple times in the minor leagues. I’m comfortable out there. I love hitting and I feel like I have a lot left as a hitter, but at some point, if I can’t get a job as a hitter, I feel like being left-handed, there’s some opportunity there. I’m definitely open to doing that.”

“No, I don’t think about (what if I stayed a pitcher). I feel like I’ve kept myself in good shape, and maybe at some point I could try it as a pitcher and try to do that. But I don’t ever question hitting. That’s always been my passion, and I feel like I’ve had a good run. I’ve learned a lot and still am learning. I can still compete as a hitter, and that’s what I enjoy doing.”


“Well, I got released out of camp with the Washington Nationals. I kind of just sat at the house for a couple weeks and finally my agent gave a call to Butch Hobson, the manager, and he said I could come play for him. I had played with Jarrett Grube, who was here for a while, and that helped facilitate the thing.”

“I gave myself a cutoff date of June 1st, that I was going to go back to school. I definitely didn’t want to hang it up.”

“I was going to go back to Radford. Psychology. 18 credits.”

“It’s out of my hands. I’m just trying to go out and pitch every day. There haven’t been too many scouts at the games, but…this is cliché, but it’s in God’s hands right now. I just got married this winter, and I have a feeling God wants me to be with my wife. I’m able to live at home while I’m playing, I live in Virginia. It’s an hour commute every day, so that’s the upside to doing this right now.”

“It was definitely cool going to Fenway for the first time. They have some of the best fans in baseball there, and being an East Coast guy, I went and talked to some fans and they knew my story and knew I played in the Cape Cod League. That was definitely cool. I went over to talk to a few of my friends that I had in the stands, and a couple of the fans knew me. That was cool. But like, it was the World Series, and our shortstop, Troy Tulowitski, would go out and make a good play and they’d applaud him in Fenway in the World Series. It was a really fun time for baseball.”

“This is a talented league, it’s comparable to Double-A, Triple-A probably. A lot of the hitters have big league time, so I’m familiar with a few of the guys. But when it comes down to it, I just have to pitch to do what I do best.”

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