Second Half Coverage

Just as a heads up, I’m planning on cutting back coverage of the team for the second half of the season…I won’t be at the ballpark in the second half as much as I was in the first.  There are a lot of reasons behind it that aren’t worth getting into, but at the very least, I felt I owed the handful of people who actually read the site a heads up instead of just trying to quietly scale things back.

I debated shutting the site down all together, but ultimately decided not to quit on something halfway through the year.  Patriots fans are certainly hopeful that their ballclub carries a similar attitude into the second half…

Mike Ashmore, mashmore98 AT


6 Responses to “Second Half Coverage”

  1. Douglas Taylor Says:

    Appreciate the coverage you provided. Like you, I am hoping the team gets out of their “funk” and returns to a winning style soon. Again, thanks for the stories and coverage.

  2. Janet Says:

    I really enjoyed reading your coverage, will miss it, and am sorry I didn’t say so before.

  3. DanRodriguez Says:

    Dude, I hope you don’t shut it down. I enjoy it. Hey, what about posting the links to your stories on the Patriots’ Facebook site?

  4. patriotsashmore Says:

    I will not shut it down. I definitely will not post stuff on the Facebook site, as it links to my main profile, which can contain some things which may be objectionable…so I can’t do that unless I set up another page.

  5. DanRodriguez Says:

    No, I mean, Facebook has gotten friendlier with posting links. So for example the link to this story, copying and pasting it on the Somerset Facebook page. It’s good promotion for them and your articles. It doesn’t have to go to your FB page.

  6. patriotsashmore Says:

    Right, but my name is associated with the link when I post it…and if you were to click on my page, that might not be good. Trust me on this. All you’ll see on there is a few curse words, but I apparently have to be more careful with how personal things affect my professional image/persona/whatever.

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