Pressley To Participate In Home Run Derby

The Atlantic League has announced the six participants in the 2010 Atlantic League All-Star Game Home Run Derby. 

The two-round contest, which is slated to start at 5:30 PM, will have Josh Pressley, Ray Navarrete (LI), John Rodriguez (LI), Brian Burgamy (CAM), Jason Perry (LAN) and Ian Bladergroen (LAN) vying for the title.  Oddly, only four teams are represented.

Pressley, pictured winning the derby in 2008, has just five home runs this season, largely in part to missing the majority of the first half with a back injury.  He led the league with 30 home runs two seasons ago, however, and there’s no doubting his power when he’s healthy. 

I’d say there’s a mild level of surprise that Somerset would risk him getting injured in a relatively meaningless competition, but so be it.

As for the other competitors, Lancaster’s Perry leads the league with 16 home runs, while teammate Bladergroen is second with 12.  Burgamy is tied for third with the Southern Maryland trio of Eric Crozier, Jeremy Owens and Travis Garcia with 10.  Navarrete has six, while Rodriguez has just four.

Mike Ashmore, mashmore98 AT


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