Brett Jodie On: Carlos Hines

In the fifth part of the series with pitching coach Brett Jodie, we take a look at hard-throwing reliever Carlos Hines…

JODIE: “Hines, it’s been…I don’t want to cal it my project or whatever, but it’s been one of those things where you see his arm, you see the life of his ball, you see his slider, you see all of this stuff and it’s all there.  It’s just been very inconsistent, it’s kind of like he’s either got it or he doesn’t.  The problem with that is to be a Triple-A guy, and to have the good numbers he had in Triple-A, he has to know that if he doesn’t have his command that day, he still has to find a way to get outs.  He comes in, and he’s either striking out the side or he’s walking two or three and we take him out of there.  We don’t like doing that, taking him out of there, but he hasn’t shown that he can get himself out of those jams.

“In saying that, we’ve worked on some things, and we threw some bullpens earlier in the year and kind of tweaked a few things.  He was good for a couple times, and then I saw something else and talked to him about it before the York outing where he threw two scoreless innings, and it’s sort of like he was kind of feeling a little bit, but throwing low 90’s with a good slider and spotting it up at the knees where you want it to on both sides of the plate, that’s more important for me than throwing 96 and not knowing where it’s going to go right now.  He’s starting to throw 90, 91, 92 and spotting it up, so I think we’re very much on the right track with him.  I’m excited, because I definitely think he can be a late, late inning guy for us with electric stuff.  I’d call it almost unhittable at times.  I think he’s getting there, and a lot of that you have to expect with a year off, it’s tough.  He got the year off, and you don’t want to change somebody right when they get in, you don’t know if he’s just getting comfortable and he’s going to get better.  But after seeing him in spring training and seeing him through the year now, it’s been inconsistent but I think we’re on the right path.

“He’s had a couple times of drifting towards home plate and kind of tucking that front shoulder in too much and not allowing his arm a chance to catch up to his body.  But I think we’ve ironed those out so he’s more straight ahead, and I do think he’s going to be well on his way to pitching well, hopefully for the rest of this year.”

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One Response to “Brett Jodie On: Carlos Hines”

  1. DanRodriguez Says:

    It’s good to see Carlos given a bigger role out of the pen. He’s gone from mop-up duty to more pressure situations. I hope to see him continue to improve!

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