Game 55: Updates

I don’t have it in me to do a full game thread…so I’ll post any relevant updates here…

Top 1st — Carl Everett just hit a long home run to right field that just stayed fair.  He watched it for quite a while out of the box as well.  Something to remember…2-0, Bears.

Bottom 1st — Matt Hagen hit a high fly ball that kept carrying…and carrying…and carrying all the way over the left field wall for a solo home run.  Guess that leg cramp was nothing.  2-1, Bears.

Top 5th — Tom Pennino may have just put a serious dent in the Patriots playoff hopes.  His line drive back up the box appeared to strike Somerset starter Josh Miller in the foot or lower leg, and he’s been removed from the game.  Carlos Hines is now in.

Kennard Jones attempt at a takeout slide to break up a double play did not end well for him.  Looks like he slid face first into Elliott Ayala’s knee or shin, and he was face down on the ground for about a minute.  Given that the Bears have two outfielders at the moment…well, he’s right back out there for the defensive half of the frame.

Mike Ashmore, mashmore98 AT


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