Game 54: Post-Game Notes

This will be the “Mike has to get up at 5 AM to work the Yankees game at 1, and then maybe Somerset at 7 PM, so this is going to be really, really freaking short” version of the post-game notes.  Basically, here’s what Michael Hernandez, Jesse Darcy and Jeff Kennard had to say after the game…


“I’ve got to step up, man.  You know, we’ve got a lot of guys hurt right now, and we’ve got guys playing hurt, so we need people to step up.  We’ve got to figure out ways to win games.  We pitched good, we played good D.  I got a good pitch to hit, I drove it and thank God it went out.”

“I got it pretty good, it felt good.  We got the W, that’s the most important part.”

“It brings (Kennard’s) confidence level up (being in that spot.)  He’s got great stuff, and hopefully he continues to keep grinding it out and keep dealing the way he has been.” 


“What it’s all about is keeping us in the game right now.  This team has the ability to come back unlike anything I’ve ever seen.  So as long as you keep them in the game; one, two, three runs, sometimes more, you give them the opportunity, and they’re going to capitalize.”

“I’ve had a lot of adrenaline in the first innings of a lot of my starts.  I don’t really get off to the best starts in games, so as I calm down, I start to get into a little more of a groove.  It was a similar story tonight.”

“I’m not worried about being in the rotation or not.  Whatever my role is, I’m going to try to help the team win, obviously.  I just want to go out there and throw some quality innings and give these guys a chance and hope for the best.”


“It’s great, I’ve gotten all the confidence in the world from Sparky and Brett.  I just had to get my mechanics back and once I did that, I’m ready to go.”

“Basically, I did a lot of work on the side trying to stay back on my pitches.  I was leaning forward, which caused a little dead arm stage for me, but now I’m getting my velocity back.  I’ve been working a lot with them.  Getting a couple days off helped a lot.”

“That (11 pitch at-bat) sucked a lot of good pitches out of me.  We went back from four-seam to sinker, and he kept fouling and fouling them off.  He’s a great hitter.  If you throw anything offspeed there, he’s going to get a hit.  I tried the last one to see if maybe he was cheating and I could throw it up, but he didn’t swing.” 

Mike Ashmore, mashmore98 AT

2 Responses to “Game 54: Post-Game Notes”

  1. DanRodriguez Says:

    Short and sweet. good job!

  2. thunderbaseball Says:

    Thanks man…always appreciate comments on here, seems nobody actually leaves them.

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