Brett Jodie On: Brian Henderson

In the fourth part of a exclusive series, Patriots pitching coach Brett Jodie takes a look at each pitcher on his staff.

This time around, it’s time to talk about veteran lefty reliever Brian Henderson, now in his third season with Somerset.

JODIE: “Hendu’s solid.  We were tinkering with a little arm angle thing coming out of spring training, he dropped down a little bit.  We tried that.  I’m always open to trying things.  Even with as good of a year as he had last year, you never know if you can be better.  So we watched it and tried to give it a fair chance, but with spring training only giving him a few outings, and then he got one or two at the beginning of the year, we kind of banged that and moved him back up top.  It creates more depth with his two-seamer, and his ball’s just a little bit heavier and has more life on it when he throws from up top.

“We’re trying to use his changeup a little bit more.  The slider’s been real sharp.  He’s another guy that’s just been real solid.  You’re real surprised if he goes out there and gives up a run or something, which is a good feeling to have when a guy’s out there.  He can get righties out just as easy as lefties.  He seems to be pitching pretty well.” 

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