Brett Jodie On: Ben Grezlovski

We’ve reached the third part in a multi-part series in which Somerset Patriots pitching coach Brett Jodie breaks down each member of his pitching staff in great detail, describing what they’ve been working on and how each pitcher’s respective season has been going to date.

Third in the series is Ben Grezlovski, who is in his first season in Somerset after two each in Atlantic City and Long Island…

JODIE: “Grezlovski, he’s really done pretty good.  We added him early to replace an Arreola or Gardner type guy, I didn’t think those guys were quite ready.  Grezlovski’s put up great numbers in this league for a lot of years, so I kind of went after the safe play at that time.  He had a little hamstring strain early, but he’s come back from that, and with the exception of one inning, he’s really been pretty good for us.

“He’s a guy that we trust a lot.  We’ve seen him a lot and hated facing him, it’s good to have him on our side.  He’s a guy you can bring in to throw two innings out of the pen in the fifth or sixth, he can close the game for you, he can set up a game, he can do a lot of things.  He’s a very valuable addition to the staff.  He’s a hard worker, and I’m happy to have him here.”

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