Brett Jodie On: Jesse Darcy

This is the second in a multi-part series in which Somerset Patriots pitching coach Brett Jodie breaks down each member of his pitching staff in great detail, describing what they’ve been working on and how each pitcher’s respective season has been going to date.

Second in the series is Jesse Darcy, who is in his first season with Somerset after three seasons in the Rays organization…

JODIE: “Darcy, he was in the rotation and did a good job for us.  Then, since we had some injuries and people moving around and everybody came back.  Monti was doing well and other starters were doing well, so he happened to be the odd man out in the rotation when we came back.  Since he sprained his ankle or whatever, he was the sixth man…not that he was pitching the worst or whatever, everybody was doing pretty well, and I was pretty happy about that.  But I put him in the pen and he had an outing against York and did well for the most part.  He threw the ball well and kept us in the ballgame, which is all you can ask when it’s a do or die situation out there.

“I’d like to see him stay through the ball a little bit more, stay through the zone a little bit more.  Sometimes, he has a tendency of hitting and spinning off a little bit, and if he can just commit through that catcher’s mitt a little more, I think it’ll create a little bit more life on his stuff and then if he can stay through the breaking ball a little bit more, it’ll give him a little bit more depth and not be so much side to side movement, more straight down action in the zone.

“But I’m happy with him.  He’s a competitor, I do like him.  I’m happy with what he’s done so far.  I just want to get him to where he makes so many mistakes, I guess.  When he does make a mistake, it seems to be taken advantage of.  I’d just like to get him a little more polished.”

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