Brett Jodie On: Casey Cahill

This is the first in a multi-part series in which Somerset Patriots pitching coach Brett Jodie breaks down each member of his pitching staff in great detail, describing what they’ve been working on and how each pitcher’s respective season has been going to date.

First in the series is Casey Cahill, who is entering his fourth season with the Patriots and has primarily been used as a middle reliever…

JODIE: “Casey, he’s been here for a few years, and he’s done a good job for the most part.  He had a few rough outings, and then he hit a stretch where he was really hot, actually.  And then lately, he’s not done as well…but still, he’s a real reliable guy to bring in in the middle of an inning, try to get a double play, get some ground balls, he does a good job of doing that.

“He’s a true competitor.  You love to have him out there, you feel very confident when he’s out there.  (He could be) more consistent.  I don’t think he’s been using his slider as much as he needs to, I think we need to start working that in a lkittle bit more.  And then just working ahead of the hitters.  He obviously wants contact with his pitches, because they are movement-oriented type pitches where he wants to get weak contact.  Hopefully we can get some weak contact and avoid them squaring up baseballs.  At times, he’s done that, and at times he’s even got ahead and then walked a guy or hit a guy or something like that.”

“But for the most part, I’m happy with him.  He’s doing a good job, but if I’m being picky, I’d like to get him a little bit more consistent in the zone and get a little bit weaker contact at times.”

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