Game 47: Post-Game Quotes


“That first inning felt a little strange.  But once you throw to a guy or two, the excitement kind of settles down.  It’s just like any other game, you’re trying to get ahead and get them to put it in play early.  It was exciting, and definitely fun.”

“You know what, I didn’t really know what to do (preparation wise), so I just took it as I was coming in in the third inning.  I didn’t try to warm up too early.  I tried to keep the same routine, but I worked a few more pitches in the bullpen before I got in the game.  I just tried to stay calm with guys on and not get real amped up.  I just wanted to keep my composure and work one pitch at a time.”

“I told my wife about (the start).  My parents heard I guess on the radio.  I wasn’t really trying to make it a big deal, but I was excited.  I got drafted as a starter, but when I got drafted I was hurt right away.  After both of my surgeries, the Orioles told me they were planning to make me a starter, but they never did.  I always wanted an opportunity to try to go out there and start a game and see what happens.  It’s crazy it took ten years.  But it was definitely nice to get out there and switch it up a little bit.”

“I thought I made a decent pitch to Jimerson, got in on him a little bit.  The ball stayed up, so he got enough of it.  The pitch I was mad about was the slider to Wily Mo, the first pitch to him.  Other than that, I felt fine.  I just felt like I had the opportunity to make two pitches I should have made.  It could have been a different fourth inning for me.”


“Casey pitched fine.  He left a couple balls up there, but he did exactly what we expected.  The thing that (has me aggrevated) more than anything is not getting those guys in when we  had no (freaking) outs.  That was (bad).  In a game like that, you’ve got your relievers starting…(shoot).  We get those couple runs in there, I don’t think we lose that game.”

Mike Ashmore, mashmore98 AT


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