Game 46: Somerset @ Bridgeport

Game 46 – Somerset Patriots @ Bridgeport Bluefish
June 11, 2010
Harbor Yard – Bridgeport, CT

Pitching Matchup: SOM Justin Jones vs. BPT Luis Arroyo

Starting Lineups:


Wayne Lydon, CF
Tim Raines, Jr., 2B
Noah Hall, RF
Matt Hagen, 3B
Michael Hernandez, LF
Joe Burke, 1B
Elliott Ayala, SS
J.R. Hopf, C
David Housel, DH

Justin Jones, P


Adam Greenberg, CF
Brandon Chaves, SS
Steve Moss, LF
Charlton Jimerson, DH
Wily Mo Pena, 1B
Luis Lopez, 3B
Brian Barton, RF
Victor Rodriguez, 2B
Todd Jennings, C

Luis Arroyo, P

Radio Links: Click here to listen to Adam Amin’s broadcast on WCTC

Live Box Score: The link to Pointstreak box score is here.

In-Game Updates (LIVE from the ballpark): Charlton Jimerson with a deep sac fly to left makes it 1-0, Bluefish, B1.

David Housel…yes, that’s David Housel with a double down the left field line with two outs and the bases loaded…two runs score and it’s a 2-1 game, in favor of Somerset, T2.

And Victor Rodriguez chops a single over third baseman Matt Hagen…he plates a run, and it’s 2-2, B2.

Todd Jennings with a RBI groundout…3-2, Bluefish, B2.

And it’s 5-2, Bluefish…botched rundown on a pickoff.  Still B2.

Former Yankee great Wily Mo Pena goes the other way and drives a single to right…it’s 6-2, still B2.

Hagen twists Greenberg in all sorts of directions on a hard hit liner to center…Greenberg can’t make the play, a run scores…and Greenberg’s charged with an error.  6-3, Bluefish, T3.

Michael Hernandez with an RBI groundout, and it’s 6-4, T3.

Geez…Elliott Ayala lines out to second…Joe Burke was dead to rights at first, but the throw hits him, sending the ball into the stands and Hagen across the plate.  It’s 6-5, now, T3.  Defensive struggle…not so much.

Adam Greenberg with a bunt single with runners on the corners in the third…it’s now a 7-5 game, B3.

Hernandez with an easy two-out grounder to Luis Lopez…who takes it off the shin.  7-6, Bluefish, T4…90 minutes in and we’re at top 4.

Brian Barton with a great running catch against the wall off of a hard hit Joe Burke fly to right with the bases loaded…we’re headed to B4…7-6, Bluefish.

8-6, Bridgeport, B4, on a passed ball by J.R. Hopf…

Todd Jennings with a little flare to center that drops…it’s 9-6, Bluefish, B4.

TRIPLE PLAY!!!  Wow…was on the radio with Adam Amin, so I’ll have to figure out how to describe it later…but wow.

Somerset’s made it 10-9 in the 9th…David Housel has 4 RBI.

11-10!  Tim Raines, Jr. with a two run double down the left field line.  This is unbelievable!

In-Game Photos:

In-Game YouTube Videos:

Final Score: 11-10, Patriots

Mike Ashmore, mashmore98 AT


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