BREAKING: Marlins Sign Mastny

The Florida Marlins have agreed to terms with Somerset Patriots starter Tom Mastny.  Mastny, who has Major League experience with the Cleveland Indians, will be assigned to the Marlins Triple-A affiliate in New Orleans and will start on Thursday.

While everyone’s happy for Mastny, who made seven starts for Somerset and posted a 3-1 record and 3.32 ERA, it also opens up another wound for a team that’s been decimated by injuries and players leaving.

“You’re happy for the guy, and I am, it’s just things come in bunches,” said Somerset manager Sparky Lyle.

“Look at us right now, we’ve got guys on the DL.  We haven’t had our good linup for God knows how long and now he gets to go to Triple-A.  But I’m happy for him.  It puts us in a bad spot, but this is what we’re here for.”

Mastny’s departure puts Jesse Darcy back in the rotation, and also opens up an opportunity for Matt Reilly, who will likely start one of the games of the doubleheader in Bridgeport on Saturday.  While the 29-year-old righty enjoyed his time with Somerset, the decision for Mastny to leave was a relatively easy one.

“This is bittersweet,” Mastny told me.

“I’ve really grown to enjoy playing here, and the guys on the team are great.  But this is a business decision; for me and my career, I’ve got to do what’s right.  It’s an opportunity, and I have to take it, so from that aspect I’m excited.  But obviously, I enjoy what I have here.”

Mastny last pitched in the big leagues for the Indians in 2008, and is likely best known for earning a victory against the Boston Red Sox in Game 2 of the 2007 American League Championship Series.  It’s those kind of memories he’s hoping to recapture by signing with Florida.

“This is an opportunity to get back to the big leagues,” Mastny said.

“I’ve been there before and I want to get back.  You can’t do that when you’re playing unaffiliated.  It’s really hard to get up there from here.  But I have an opportunity to get in the rotation and when I got that opportunity, I had to take it.”

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