Game 35: Pre-Game Notes

11:40 AM — I asked Brett Jodie about finding a player the caliber of Vito Chiaravalloti at this point of the season, which is pretty rare…

“It’s tough to do,” Jodie said.

“That’s what’s tough about this league.  You start out stacked at the beginning of the year, and then you move forward and lose some players to pick-ups and injuries and stuff, and it’s tough to replace them a lot of the time.  I did speak to Vito before the year, and we expressed interest in him and he expressed an interest in possibly coming back, so that was someone that I knew was available at some point in time, after the school year was over.  But yeah, it’s great to have a guy like that.  Smithlin looks good, too.  It’s fun to find guys you can add right then, you don’t have to fly them down, they can just drive down and be at your place.  So it’s very comforting.  Vito’s a great clubhouse guy and a good player.”

11:35 AM — Spoke to Jeff Nettles a bit in the clubhouse…he’s scheduled to have his cast taken off in about a week and begin rehab.  Looks like everything is on track for a return in a few weeks.

11:30 AM — Lineups are in…


Scott Grimes, CF
Jamar Hill, RF
Ramon Castro, 3B
Jose Herrera, DH
James Shanks, LF
Ian Bladergroen, 1B
Adam Witter, C
Chuck Jeroloman, SS
Liu Rodriguez, 2B

Corey Thurman, P


Wayne Lydon, CF
Zach Smithlin, RF
Noah Hall, LF
Matt Hagen, 2B
Joe Burke, 1B
Michael Hernandez, DH
Jason Belcher, C
David Housel, 3B
Iggy Suarez, SS

Tom Mastny, P

11:15 AM — Spent about five minutes chatting with Joe Burke before the game for a feature for either here or the paper.  Other than that, not a whole lot to say…

Saw Vito Chiaravalloti get some extra hitting in over at the cage.  Don’t think Joe Holden is here.  Don’t have lineups yet…a lot of the guys are still rolling into the clubhouse.

Mike Ashmore, mashmore98 AT

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