Game 27: Post-Game Notes

It’s around 3:30 AM, and that means three things…

A) I stayed out a tad too late tonight…

B) I’m clearly not going to Sunday’s game…

C) The post-game notes are going to be pretty brief…


** Jason Belcher was the hero for the second straight night, with his eighth inning single providing Somerset with the game-winning run.  Not quite as dramatic as yesterday’s walk-off, but still…it gets the job done.

** Nice outing by Mike Thompson.  That’s two straight starts where Somerset starters have held the opposition scoreless.

** Noah Hall’s back tightened up on him just prior to the start of the game.  He told me after the game it was his lower back, near his glutes.  No definitive word on how much time he’ll miss, if any.

Here are post-game quotes from Jeff Kennard, Sparky Lyle, Mike Thompson and Jason Belcher.  I don’t really have time to work these into a story…but I know you want to hear what these guys have to say.


“I didn’t have my location there on most of my pitches, and I kept leaving my fastball up.  I tried to take something off, and they’d hit it.  It was just one of those things.  You’re not throwing strikes, and you’re effectively not wild…you start walking people and they normally score.”

“It wasn’t the rain at all.  I’ve done it a million times.  I’ve pitched in the rain and all that, it’s just mentally focusing…I wasn’t there.”

“(Belcher)’s great.  He’s awesome behind the plate, he calls a great game.  He gets every pitcher to stay in there and keeps the game close.  With our offense, we can go off at any time.”


“At least we’re not beating ourselves right now.  Thompson pitched a hell of a game.”

“(Kennard) was still a little sore from the past couple days, but we needed to put him in there again tonight.  He said he felt fine.  Every time they try and throw a little bit too hard, that’s what happens.  But walking the leadoff guy in a game…hey, we got out of here with a win.  We’ll see what happens.”

“I was walking up with the lineup card, and (Noah) ran up and said he hurt his back and could barely move.  I flip-flopped Hernandez and him and made Hernandez the left fielder and left him in the lineup and we’d see if he was OK.  When he wasn’t, I just put Raines in.”


“I just had no sleep (this past week), no straight through sleep.  It was always sporadic; two hours here, an hour there, two hours here, four hours here.  Last night, I got 12 hours of sleep, and that sealed the deal for me.  That’s all I needed, was some rest.  I felt good to go today.”

“It’s not hard (to pitch after a few days away from the team).  Experience really helps.  Maybe when I was 18 or 19 years old, I’d have been a little bit flustered.  But experience helps, and knowing the situation and learning to just make adjustments is the key.”

“Belch has been great for us.  I don’t care where you get your hits, but if you’re going to get your hits there, more power to you.  He’s done well.  He’s done great behind the dish, and it’s a pleasure having him back there.”


“It’s just the game of baseball over the course of time.  It’s presented me with opportunities the past two days and I’ve had success both times.”

“I hadn’t seen the guy.  That’s another one of those things where it’s early in the season and you really don’t know what he’s got.  Lefty, he came in with a base open, and he fell behind 2-0.  And then he threw me a 2-0 slider, and they probably were going to kind of pitch around me because they weren’t giving me anything to hit…but I check swung and I looked really bad on the 2-0 slider, which got them back into the count.  So they decided that they were going to try to get me out versus pitching around me because I got them back in the count and I looked so bad on the slider because I hadn’t seen it yet.  Once I saw it, then I knew what it looked like.  He went back to it again, so I put a good swing on it.”

Mike Ashmore, mashmore98 AT


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