Game 27: Pre-Game Notes

5:20 PM — Just to sort of follow up on what I mentioned earlier…I wouldn’t expect Josh Pressley to be back for at least another week.  Things are progressing well, but at this point…with Somerset having the best record in the league, there’s not much sense in rushing him back if it isn’t necessary.

5:05 PM — I spoke to Jason Monti about his start yesterday…his outing was kind of lost in the shuffle of Jason Belcher’s walk-off single.  Monti struggled out of the gate, firing 15 of his 27 first inning pitches for balls…but recovered to put together five more solid innings and keep Lancaster off the board.

“I tried to forget about whatever happened the inning before,” Monti told me.

“I think it was ten in a row I threw.  I just came in and laughed about it, BS’d about it.  I was dropping my elbow a little bit and the ball was running a little bit more than usual.  I just came out and made an adjustment for the rest of the game.”

This was Monti’s best outing as a Patriot, but he still feels there’s room for improvement.

“I wasn’t really hitting my spots the way I like to,” Monti said.

“It was one of those wildly effective starts that worked out.  My last two starts have been pretty decent, and everything just seemed to piece together this time.  I had great defense behind me and then we ended up with timely hitting at the end of the game.”

Monti started the season out of the bullpen, but had been a starter for his entire career.  It made the transition to the starting rotation that much easier for the 25-year-old righty. 

“When I first came to the team, they weren’t sure if I was going to be doing long relief or starting, but they said they were going to try to get me in as a starter,” Monti said.

“I’ve just been trying to make the best of the opportunity.  I’ve been trying to build my arm strength up.  My first outing was I think 65 pitches, then I went 89, now 107.  So I’m a little extra sore today, but that’s just usual stuff to go through.”

5:00 PM — Lineups are in…


Lloyd Turner, LF
Matt Watson, RF
Jason Perry, DH
Aaron Herr, 3B
Bryant Nelson, SS
Jed Morris, 1B
Joe Gaetti, CF
Josh Johnson, C
Toshihisa Nishi, 2B

Ben Fritz, P


Wayne Lydon, CF
Joe Holden, RF
Noah Hall, LF
Matt Hagen, 2B
Joe Burke, 1B
Michael Hernandez, DH
Jason Belcher, C
Iggy Suarez, 3B
Elliott Ayala, SS

Mike Thompson, P

4:15 PM — It’s likely worth noting that Josh Pressley has taken BP the past few days…I’d heard he might be back at some point during this homestand, but I wouldn’t really count on that.  There’s really no reason to rush him back…but I’ll obviously pass along lineups when I get them.

3:45 PM — Not real sure what to tell ya…not a whole lot going on before the game here at lovely TD Bank Ballpark. 

Mike Thompson, who re-joined the team yesterday, has been activated and will start today for Somerset…he’s opposed by Ben Fritz.  Updates as they warrant, etc.

Mike Ashmore, mashmore98 AT

2 Responses to “Game 27: Pre-Game Notes”

  1. trent Says:

    why isn’t Tim Raines jr in the lineup, thats the second day in a row. Is he hurt?

  2. patriotsashmore Says:

    I guess with the hot hitting of the guys in the lineup in Raines spot…essentially Lydon, Holden and Hall…they don’t want to mess with what’s been working. As far as I know, Raines is fine.

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