Game 27: Barnstormers @ Patriots

Game 27 – Lancaster Barnstormers @ Somerset Patriots
May 22, 2010
TD Bank Ballpark – Bridgewater, NJ

Pitching Matchup: LAN Ben Fritz vs. SOM Mike Thompson

Starting Lineups:


Lloyd Turner, LF
Matt Watson, RF
Jason Perry, DH
Aaron Herr, 3B
Bryant Nelson, SS
Jed Morris, 1B
Joe Gaetti, CF
Josh Johnson, C
Toshihisa Nishi, 2B

Ben Fritz, P


Wayne Lydon, CF
Joe Holden, RF
Noah Hall, LF
Matt Hagen, 2B
Joe Burke, 1B
Michael Hernandez, DH
Jason Belcher, C
Iggy Suarez, 3B
Elliott Ayala, SS

Mike Thompson, P

Radio Links: Click here to listen to Adam Amin’s broadcast on WCTC

Live Box Score: The link to Pointstreak box score is here.

In-Game Updates (LIVE from the ballpark): Runners on the corners with one out for Lancaster here in the top of the 1st…Jason Perry executed a hit and run play to perfection, sending a grounder through the right side just past a diving Joe Burke.

Thompson gets out of it rather easily…Aaron Herr with a weak pop up to shortstop, and Bryant Nelson grounded out to second base.  0-0, heading into B1 here in Somerset.

Interesting…Tim Raines, Jr. is up to bat for Noah Hall.  Hall was listed as hitting third and playing left field — but that clearly isn’t the case.

OK…we’ve got some clarification here…Hall apparently did play left field in the top of the 1st…and Raines is being announced as a pinch hitter.  Interesting.  Sounds as though the move is injury related.

Wayne Lydon steals third.  Not exactly breaking or shocking news there.

Joe Burke grounds out with runners on the corners as well…so both teams threaten in the first, but no runs cross the plate.  0-0, heading into T2.

The double play in that inning was pretty big, as Josh Johnson’s long double to left field likely would have scored both runners…instead, Thompson keeps Lancaster off the board for another frame, and we’re tied, 0-0, going into B2.

OK…more clarification…Noah Hall was the DH on Sparky’s lineup card, never the LF.  Tim Raines, Jr. is now the DH, and Michael Hernandez is in left.  So they do not lose the DH. 

Nice diving play with two outs and two on by Matt Hagen here in the top of the 3rd…he saved a run, but couldn’t get the ball out of his glove in time and wasn’t able to get Bryant Nelson at first base.  So the bases are loaded for Jed Morris…

B3…Joe Holden was working on his bunts before the game.  It paid off.  Josh Johnson threw the ball away down the right field line, allowing a run to score…however, Holden was toast at second trying to advance.

Nice play by Holden in the top of the 5th…he made a diving grab on a sinking liner by Aaron Herr, and then doubled off the runner at second to end the inning and keep Lancaster off the board.

Tim Raines, Jr. leads off the sixth with a long double off the left field wall…and Matt Hagen drives him home with a double to left.  2-0, Somerset, B6.

That’s it for Mike Thompson…he allowed no runs on one walk and seven hits.  He struck out five.  Casey Cahill in for the 7th.

Jim Heuser…he’s in for Ben Fritz in the 7th.

Jeff Kennard’s in for the 8th…and the first two batters have reached.  It’s pouring…so what choice did Aaron Herr have but to swing at the first pitch.  And it’s an infield single…2-1 now, Patriots lead, T8.

Nelson bunts the runners over to second and third.  And Jed Morris is intentionally walked.  Bases loaded, one out, Joe Gaetti up.

Nice play by Burke to throw out the runner at home on the grounder to first…and it may have saved the game.  The umpires just stopped the game.  Rain delay.

Aaaaaaaaaaaaand we’re pulling tarp about 10 minutes later.  And by we, I mean the staff and interns…because I sure as hell would never do that.

Pinch hitter Adam Witter…perhaps I should put this on Twitter.  But anyway, we’re back to playing.  16 minute delay.

Bases loaded walk for Kennard…we’re tied.  2-2, T8.

Kennard escapes with a weird broken bat grounder back to himself…tied, 2-2, going into B8.

John Muller in to pitch for Lancaster in the bottom of the 8th…

Muller took Mike Hernandez’s squibber and pumped into about row 12 past the first baseman.  Runners on 2nd and 3rd, one out, Jason Belcher up.

Tim Hamulack now in…

Jason Belcher…heroic again.  His single puts the Patriots up, 3-2, B8.

Michael Hernandez was Patri-toast at the plate there…Iggy Suarez with the F-8, Joe Gaetti with the hose, the ump with the out call…and we’re heading into T9…Somerset’s up, 3-2.

Coffee is for closers.  Get the java ready for Ryan Houston…he’s in for the 9th.

In-Game Photos:

Paul Bottigliero

Ben Fritz

Michael Hernandez

Toshihisa Nishi

Iggy Suarez

In-Game YouTube Videos:

Final Score: 3-2, Patriots

Mike Ashmore, mashmore98 AT

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