Game 26: Pre-Game Notes

5:45 PM — Somerset is expecting their 4,000,000th fan tonight.  That’s clearly newsworthy…

5:30 PM — Lineups are in…


Vic Gutierrez, LF
Matt Watson, DH
Jason Perry, RF
Aaron Herr, 3B
Bryant Nelson, SS
Adam Witter, C
Joe Gaetti, CF
Jed Morris, 1B
Toshihisa Nishi, 2B

Neal Musser, P


Wayne Lydon, CF
Joe Holden, RF
Noah Hall, LF
Matt Hagen, 2B
Joe Burke, 1B
Iggy Suarez, DH
Jason Belcher, C
David Housel, 3B
Elliott Ayala, SS

Jason Monti, P

5:25 PM — Not exactly a whole lot going on here before the game, as is the case most nights.  I spoke to both Noah Hall and Tom Mastny before the game.

Mastny expects to make his next start, as I previously reported.

As for Hall, he caught his foot up on second base last night and tweaked his leg a little bit, but is fine and is ready to go.  I’ll have lineups in a bit…

Mike Ashmore, mashmore98 AT


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