Game 25: Post-Game Notes

— Well, that got out of hand pretty quick.  It was probably a closer game than the score (10-4) might indicate…but Justin Jones’ solid outing and Wayne Lydon’s game-changing speed led the way for yet another Patriots win.

First, let’s talk about Lydon…

“It’s amazing, isn’t it, how fast he is,” said Patriots manager Sparky Lyle.

“The thing is, I’ve said this I don’t know how many times, but when you watch him run, he’s like gliding, and the next thing you know, he’s there.  His speed is really, really something.  It was either last night or the night before, and before Travis could even get his hands up to hold him, he was already halfway to home.”

Lydon, a former Mets prospect who likely enjoyed his best game as a Somerset Patriot tonight, was humble when asked about his efforts.

“Everything just kind of fell into place tonight,” he said.

“I had a rough road trip, and I needed to utilize my bunts more.  I was working on it, and getting them into games.  It really helped a lot.  I’ve got to keep on doing it.  With the steals, I think I’ve had four or five before, maybe in Syracuse.  I’ve just got to keep getting jumps and make them throw me out.”

Lydon says the off days have helped his legs stay fresh and allowed him to focus more on stealing bases.

“With the rain, I felt great.  I feel fresh right now,” Lydon said.

— And now Justin Jones, who had a rough first inning, but battled through 6 1/3 innings for another solid outing.

“He’s been pretty good his last couple starts,” Lyle said.

“He didn’t have a good performance the start before last, but he still put a zero up there every time.  If he starts getting his breaking ball over, he’s going to be really nasty.  That’s what helped him get through those last few innings, because he couldn’t get it over for the first four.  But his fastball is good.”

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