Game 24: Pre-Game Notes (Catcher Added)

5:35 PM — Lineups…


Chris Walker, CF
Kyle Haines, SS
Garrett Guzman, LF
Jason Botts, 1B
Rene Rivera, DH
Chris Malec, 2B
Raul Padron, C
Richie Robnett, RF
Brian Burgamy, 3B

Steven Sharpe, P


Wayne Lydon, CF
Joe Holden, RF
Noah Hall, DH
Matt Hagen, 2B
Joe Burke, 1B
Tim Raines, Jr., LF
Jason Belcher, C
Iggy Suarez, 3B
Elliott Ayala, SS

Tom Mastny, P

4:50 PM — Paul Bottigliero is active and ready to play if needed…although he seems to be here for an emergency-type situation than anything else.  Bottigliero works at a baseball academy and as a substitute teacher in Connecticut, and was planning on coaching a travel team if this didn’t work out.  I spoke with Bottigliero and Patriots director of player personnel Brett Jodie about the move.


“I thought (the tryout) went pretty well.  I threw well, blocked some balls and the coaches like what I did.  I caught a bullpen for one of the guys, and I thought I did well.”

“I graduated last May from Monmouth University.  I was with the Newark Bears in spring training, so I guess that’s the last time I played in a real game and hit off some pitchers.”


“It’s just an insurance policy, this is probably on a temporary basis.  We tried him out a little bit, and it looks like he’s got some decent tools.  I think he can handle himself back there, so we won’t feel bad if we need to put him back there.  He’ll go down there in the bullpen and catch some guys.  If something happens to somebody or something like that…maybe we can put him out there at the beginning of a game, give some guys a rest.  Burkie looks fine back there, but we just don’t want to use him that much back there.  He’s more serviceable in other areas, more helpful.  He’s a nice kid, he looked all right…so let’s see if he can help us out a little bit.”

4:25 PM — The Patriots have signed catcher Paul Bottigliero, who was at the team’s open tryout in April.  He was the other catcher working out with Santoro.  He attended Monmouth University, and has no professional experience.

Mike Ashmore, mashmore98 AT


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