Game 14/16: Pre-Game Notes (LaForest To Taiwan)

10:00 AM — Pete LaForest expects to finalize a deal to go to Taiwan by tonight.  His loss, obviously, will be another huge one for Somerset to absorb.  Brett Jodie has already made a bunch of phone calls trying to bring someone in…as of now, Joe Burke will be the backup catcher.  There are no plans to activate Mike Santoro.

LaForest, however, WILL play today.

“The initial goal was, if I had a chance, to go to Asia,” LaForest told me.

“Hopefully I could take a step forward and get a chance in Japan.  That’s been my goal for the whole year and last year, to have a shot to get there.  Finally, I may have a stepping stone to get there.  It’s great, it’s a great opportunity and hopefully everything goes well.  Hopefully I can do well, stay healthy and get a shot.”

LaForest was called after midnight with the news that he’d received an offer from a Taiwanese team…neither he or Brett Jodie knew exactly which team.  Compare the money he’s making in the Atlantic League to what he’ll make in Taiwan, and it probably doesn’t matter too much…

“I came here because this was the best place to get there,” said LaForest, acknowledging the decision was largely a financial one.

“Everything works out in the best interests of every sense; money, opportunity, everything.”

LaForest fit in well in the Somerset clubhouse, and enjoyed his experience quite a bit.  He hopes to be able to return if things don’t work out overseas.

“If something happens over there, I’d love to come back over here,” he told me.

“The guys are incredible, the staff, the fans, everybody in this place.  That’s the only place I’d like to come back, either here or Quebec City.  I know Quebec has the same atmosphere as here.  It’s a tight group, it’s family.  Here, it’s the same feeling.  It’s incredible to get to play with guys like that in a place like this, guys who play together and know how to win.  It’s awesome.”

LaForest will be in the lineup for at least today’s suspended game, and possibly the regularly scheduled game as well.

“I’ll play here until they tell me it’s guaranteed that I’m going, then I won’t have a choice,” LaForest said.

9:55 AM — Brett Jodie expects Grezlovski to go an inning or two…he won’t be going all four. 

9:45 AM — Ben Grezlovski will pick up the scheduled game for Somerset.  No definitive word on who will do so for Southern Maryland…it could be Jarrett Santos, believe it or not. 

Also…stay tuned for information on a big change to the roster.

Tom Mastny threw in the bullpen and will make his next scheduled start.  No immediate details were available regarding Josh Pressley’s MRI.

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  1. DanRodriguez Says:

    Good article! Thanks. Good luck, Pete!

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