Game 9: Pre-Game Notes

11:45 AM — Going to try to streamline things a bit here and unclutter the game threads.  So I’m going to use the tried and true “Thunder Thoughts” method of a pre-game thread, an in-game thread and a post-game thread.

With that said, I spoke to Travis Anderson, Sparky Lyle and Ryan Freel about Freel’s comment last night that Anderson was the best hitting coach he’s ever had.  It’s nice to stumble on a story like that, and I think I got some good stuff that you guys will see in a couple days.

Freel joked before our chat about why I was even talking to him considering he wasn’t in the lineup…and he wasn’t kidding.  Lineups are in, and here they are…


Steve Moss, LF
Danny Putnam, DH
Tike Redman, CF
Josh Phelps, 1B
Todd Jennings, C
Brian Barton, RF
Joe Jiannetti, 3B
Brandon Chaves, SS
Alex Prieto, 2B
Kevin Mannix, P


Wayne Lydon, CF
Noah Hall, RF
Jeff Nettles, 3B
Josh Pressley, 1B
Matt Hagen, 2B
Pete LaForest, DH
Tim Raines, Jr., LF
Jason Belcher, C
Elliott Ayala, SS
Jesse Darcy, P

Mike Ashmore, mashmore98 AT

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