Game 7: Bluefish @ Patriots

9:48 PM — Game over.  Somerset wins, 3-1.  Houston closes it out with a 1-2-3 9th.

9:47 PM — Houston’s at 92 on the stadium gun…but who knows how reliable that is.

9:45 PM — Houston’s in for the ninth…3-1 lead for Somerset.

9:41 PM — Ryan Houston getting loose in the Somerset bullpen…looks like he’ll be coming in for the 9th to try to close this one out.

9:39 PM — 1-2-3 inning for Reilly against Bridgeport’s 2-3-4 hitters.  Impressive.  3-1, Somerset, heading into B8.

9:32 PM — Matt Reilly in for the 8th inning…

9:30 PM — Joe Burke has moved to first base from left field.  Tim Raines, Jr. is in left field.  Joe Holden is in right field.

9:27 PM — Pressley walks…Joe Holden coming in to pinch-run.  Runners on first and second for Matt Hagen…Hagen throws the bat out and weakly pops up to second, though.  Still 3-1, Somerset, going into T8.

9:25 PM — Jeff Nettles reaches on a two-out error by Jiannetti…Chris Rivera started the 7th for Bridgeport after six decent frames by Oseguera.  6 IP, 6 H, 3 ER, 3 BB, 7 K.

9:20 PM — New home opener attendance record for Somerset: 8,052 fans here tonight.  Nice job by them.

9:16 PM — Bridgeport’s on the board.  Alex Prieto hit a little two-out flare to short right field.  Noah Hall dove for the ball, but couldn’t come up with it, and Jiannetti scored (after stealing second) to make this a 3-1 game.  That’s the score heading into the bottom of the seventh here in Somerset.

I’d have to guess that’s it for Thompson…85 pitches, 57 strikes.  7 IP, 7 H, 1 ER, 0 BB, 6 K

9:13 PM — That’s Matt Reilly up for Somerset…Thompson’s right around 80 pitches now with Brian Barton up.

9:12 PM — And Joe Jiannetti with a one-out single to right center.  Both bullpens with activity.

9:06 PM — And Belcher breaks it open.  A three-run home run to right field…looked like he got all of it, but it actually  just got out.  1-1 changeup.  3-0 Patriots lead.  No action in the Bridgeport bullpen yet, but that likely won’t be the case for long…

9:05 PM — Joe Burke with a line single up the middle…Hagen to second.  Two outs and Jason Belcher up…

9:00 PM — Matt Hagen with a one-out single through the left side, the first Somerset hit by someone other than Wayne Lydon…

8:55 PM — Thompson’s spun six scoreless so far…his first inning without allowing a hit.  There’s no action in the bullpen, and there shouldn’t be.  He’s at 73 pitches through six, 48 strikes.

8:48 PM — Nettles strikes out looking on an 0-2 fastball.  0-0 game heading into the sixth inning.  Really, it’s been Oseguera pitching in and out of trouble all night, especially with his early walks.

8:47 PM — Hall advances Lydon to third with a single to short right center.  Nettles up with runners on the corners.  The 1 and 2 hitters are pretty key in a lineup that features Nettles, Pressley and Hagen at 3-4-5.  Those guys need runners to drive in, and the first two guys are critical to that…

8:45 PM — Wayne Lydon with another hit…his second and Somerset’s second as well, here in the fifth.  This has been a well pitched game on both sides.  It may come down to the bullpens…which clearly hasn’t been a Patriots strength in the first six games.  0-0, B5.

8:40 PM — Interesting take by Revolution beat writer Jim Seip on the somewhat interesting decision by the league to let Sparky Lyle manage the home games during his suspension.  If you forgot…and if you saw it, you never will…Lyle was suspended 10 games by Atlantic League Executive Director Joe Klein for his memorable tirade during Game 3 of the championship series in Waldorf, Maryland.

8:35 PM — Thompson has given up one hit in each inning…Adam Greenberg got him in the fifth, and has advanced to second on a stolen base.  Neither Jason Belcher or Todd Jennings has thrown anyone out tonight.

8:30 PM — It feels like Thompson has been pitching in and out of trouble all night, but the line’s actually pretty good…four hits over four innings of work.  Meanwhile, Oseguera has allowed just one hit and three walks through four and is at 55 pitches, 33 of them strikes.

Heading into the fifth, Thompson’s at 50 pitches, 34 of them for strikes.

8:15 PM — Scoreless heading into the top of the 4th here in Somerset…three hits for the Bluefish, just Lydon’s for the Patriots.

8:10 PM — Here’s Mike Thompson’s first inning strikeout…

7:45 PM — The game didn’t get started until 7:25 PM or so…one hit per team through one inning.  Wayne Lydon’s got the first Patriots hit at TD Bank Ballpark this season…and the first two stolen bases.

Give me a few minutes and I’ll get some of these photos for you.  In the meantime, I’ll do game updates.

6:15 PM — Heading down to the field for some pictures and so on…stay tuned for that.

5:45 PM — Make sure you check out Ryan Dunleavy’s special section in The Courier News today…if you can’t get the print edition, he’s got the links up on his blog.  Definitely worth a read.

5:20 PM — Spoke to Tom Mastny in the clubhouse.  Mastny usually wears contacts, but was sporting glasses thanks to an eye infection that scratched him from his start in Bridgeport.  He told me he’s still slated to pitch tomorrow, but doesn’t have much of an idea as far as a pitch count goes…he said this was his first live action in about a month after getting let go by the Indians organization.

I’ll have a story after the game on the former big leaguer.

5:15 PM — Lineups are in…


Adam Greenberg, CF
Brandon Chaves, SS
Tike Redman, DH
Josh Phelps, 1B
Danny Putnam, LF
Todd Jennings, C
Joe Jiannetti, 3B
Brian Barton, RF
Alex Prieto, 2B
Paul Oseguera, P


Wayne Lydon, CF
Noah Hall, RF
Jeff Nettles, 3B
Josh Pressley, 1B
Matt Hagen, 2B
Pete LaForest, DH
Joe Burke, LF
Jason Belcher, C
Elliott Ayala, SS
Mike Thompson, P

4:05 PM — As if those stats I just gave you didn’t tip you off, Brett Jodie is actively looking for arms.  I noticed a sidearmer in the bullpen when I got here, and didn’t remember seeing one in spring training…turns out, it’s fifth-year pro Eddie Pena, who was trying out for the team.  In four seasons, all for the Can-Am League’s Worcester Tornadoes, Pena has appeared in 125 games (eight starts) and posted a 15-16 record with a 4.30 ERA and nine saves.

Doesn’t sound like anything is imminent…but it’s also somewhat of a message to the current group that their jobs are far from safe.

3:45 PM — Tom Mastny is tentatively scheduled to pitch for Somerset tomorrow, he’ll be opposed by Riley Shuckerow.  This will be Shuckerow’s season debut.  Jesse Darcy is slated for Sunday, and he’ll be opposed by our good friend TBA.

Very interesting stats out of the game notes…Somerset’s starters are carrying a 6.11 ERA into this game.  The bullpen?  6.85 ERA.  Yikes.

3:40 PM — The grounds crew, led by Ray Cipperly, have done a great job with the field yet again…it looks immaculate.

3:15 PM — I’ve been here for about a half an hour, but only now have I unearthed the magical internet cable that will allow me to do some work here.  Sweet.

Well, after getting off to the worst start in franchise history, Somerset’s finally back at TD Bank Ballpark.  Former big leaguer Mike Thompson gets the nod for Somerset today, and he’ll be opposed by Bridgeport’s Paul Oseguera.

Haven’t really had the chance to do much work yet, but I’ll hopefully have some info for you guys in a little bit.  I’ll post lineups or any news as it becomes available.

Mike Ashmore, mashmore98 AT


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