Patriots Spring Training Day 1: Notes

— This was the first Somerset Patriots spring training at Diamond Nation and my first time there.  It’s a nice facility…there were a few complaints about the mound and the setup itself, but other than that, it seemed the guys enjoyed the first day.

— It wasn’t a real eventful day, but nobody was expecting any different.  There was some stretching, some PFP (pitcher’s fielding practice) and some live BP.  Daryl Arreola, Jesse Darcy, Michael Gardner, Justin Jones and Matt Reilly threw live BP.

— I spoke to both Michael Gardner and Tim Raines, Jr.  I’m familiar with Gardner from his two seasons with the Trenton Thunder, and was a little surprised to see him in camp.  He didn’t pitch at all last season after rehabbing a shoulder injury, and I wasn’t sure if he was still pitching anywhere.  Now, I have my answer.

As for Raines, I asked him the question everybody wants answered: Why didn’t he sign with Newark?  Stay tuned for features on both players, along with the other three I owe you.

Mike Ashmore, mashmore98 AT


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