Amin’s Prepared For The Patriots

Adam Amin is all about preparation.

And after being named the new radio broadcaster for the Somerset Patriots, the 23-year-old is already hitting the books, learning everything he can about the franchise, players and stadium he’ll call home for the next six months.

“I want to know everything about everybody,” Amin said.

“I want to know every story about every guy that I can find.  I want to know every stat that I can find.  I want to read every possible thing, not only about that particular game, but about the rest of the games in the league.  I want to have an encyclopedic knowledge of baseball.  As long as I’ve been a baseball fan, I feel like I’ve been a student of the game that same time.  Not only am I enjoying the game, but I’m learning.  So I want to be well-informed, and I take a lot of pride in being well-informed and prepared.”

With experience in the Northern League over the past two seasons, Amin is no stranger to independent baseball and the challenges it can provide in terms of being able to adequately prepare for a broadcast.  However, he was also familiar with the Atlantic League and the Somerset Patriots, even before having read an article about Brian Bender’s resignation.

“You want to talk about a high quality run league and high quality organizations,” said Amin of the Atlantic League.

“There are big time former Major Leaguers and a lot of prospects, and we all knew about the Atlantic League.  Maybe it sometimes was for stuff that the league might not want to be known for, like the Offerman stuff or John Rocker, but I had known about the Atlantic League and knew that Somerset was definitely the most successful franchise.”

For as polished as Amin is — anyone who listened to his one minute clip online or has spoken to him can attest to that — he was far from a lock for the Patriots job.  The number of people considered for the position by Somerset dipped into the triple digits, but Amin managed to make the final cut.  The final four choices, including Amin, Jon Barr and Frank Mentesana — as well as another broadcaster who landed a Triple-A job at the last minute — were all subject to a voting process on the Patriots website, as well as the opinions of media, players, select fans and front office members to determine who the new broadcaster would be.

“I was so freaked out during the interview process,” said Amin, who himself had just been a finalist for a different Triple-A radio position.

“I was just nervous after getting shot down, I didn’t want to get shot down again.  So after I finished my interview with Somerset, as cool as Patrick (McVerry) and Marc (Russinoff) were — it wasn’t an interrogation by any means — but I just felt so nervous about it and worried.  I didn’t want to miss out on my shot to be back in baseball.  I really wanted it, but I was worried a ton.”

With the stressful process now over, Amin can focus on getting a fresh start to his career with Somerset, and honing his craft in the process.

“Every baseball broadcaster has the outright goal of maybe getting to the Majors one day, and I’m certainly no different,” Amin said.

“But I like the fact that I’m going to get to enjoy Somerset for hopefully a long time.”

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